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Lost Radio Rounders: News

Missed our radio appearance? - May 26, 2016

WCNY's Capitol Pressroom is aired on 20 stations across New York State, but if you missed our May 25th appearance you can check it out here:

Skip to the middle of the program to hear us play tracks from our new album, and discuss the "Politics & Patriots" tour!


The Season of "Politics" - March 31, 2016

Caucuses and primaries, speeches and debates- they are driving everyone nuts!

Lost Radio Rounders invite you to escape today's crazy election cycle with a musical visit to elections past. Our new "Politics & Patriots" program features old time American campaign songs with familiar melodies and a big dose of humor. Coming soon to a venue near you!


Thank You Sara Foss! - December 5, 2015

In a November 25th piece for The Daily Gazette, writer Sara Foss reviewed one of our Hamilton Union concerts, calling it a "rollicking and lively affair." Foss went on to state that "We enjoyed it so much we picked up the new Lost Radio Rounders CD." Her review of "Hard Trials" was positive as well, calling it "stirring" and "life-affirming."

Sara's final thoughts?

"I recommend the album, but I especially recommend the Lost Radio Rounders live performances, which really give you an idea of what this music and this band are all about."

Check out more musings from Sara Foss at


Praise for "Hard Trials" - October 26, 2015

We are pleased to report that Capital Region arts & entertainment website Nippertown called Hard Trials "comforting and uplifting" while WEXT Program Director Chris Wienk described the disc as "magnificent."

YNN / Time Warner Cable News did a profile piece which promoted the CD release event and The Times-Union put the spotlight on Lost Radio Rounders charity work.

Thanks to all media friends!


Hard Trials - August 29, 2015

Our new CD "Hard Trials" will be released this Fall. "Hard Trials" is our first full length studio album and we are quite proud of it. The audio masters and artwork will be shipped to manufacturer in just a few days.

"Hard Trials" is a themed album, not just a collection of unrelated songs. Of the 15 tracks, 10 feature vocals by me, and 5 feature Michael. A ridiculous number of stringed instruments (as well as piano and organ) appear on the album, giving it great sonic variety.

I can't wait until folks hear it!



The Return of "Lincoln" - March 24, 2015

Back in 2009 we offered a limited issue CD of selections from our "Lincoln and Liberty" musical/historical program. In recognition of the 150th anniversary of the close of the Civil War, we have reissued the CD with a few audio tweaks, some pithy liner notes by Mr. Eck and myself,  and some wonderful packaging by our graphic designer pal Dave Danglis.

You may listen to audio samples and purchase a physical or download copy by visiting the CD Baby website:

Honest Abe is back!


Flurry of Fun - February 16, 2015

The annual Flurry Festival in Saratoga Springs, N.Y. is a sure way to beat the Winter blues. Our three Flurry 2015 events were each wonderful in their own way.

The Two Chord Jam & Sings gave us a chance to perform with skilled veteran musicians and ambitious amateurs alike.

Our set at The Parting Glass featured guest spots by Donna Nestler on uke and Paul "Bowtie" Jossman on banjo.

Still. the highlight had to be a room full of folks singing along to Stephen Foster classics at the Hilton. A few folks were even participants in The Flurry 2014 Carter Family Sing-Along. Good fun!


Recording Update - February 5, 2015

Since the dawn of multi-track recording musicians have been running behind on studio album schedules, so why should we be any different?

The prolonged illness and passing of Tom's mom (see below) has been a factor, but her strength was also an inspiration, and the new CD will be dedicated to her.

Step one- tracking, is almost done. Step two- mixing, is yet to come, then liner notes, package design etc. We are unable to name a release date at this point, but we can say that are very proud of what we have done so far.


We Stand On Their Shoulders - January 6, 2015

One the greatest blessings a person could ever have is a good set of parents; Michael and I know this first hand. Walt and "Cookie" Eck, Helene and Allen Lindsay are among the most wonderful things ever to happen to us, and we are thankful always for them.

With the recent passing of my mother, only my dad remains on earth to hear our raised voices, but we are confident that there is a small Lost Radio Rounders fan club in Heaven, and that they will continue to rejoice with each of our successes.

My mother spoke her faith through her actions: she was at all times kind, caring, loving, welcoming and forgiving. With a husband and three sons, that last characteristic came in handy more times than I care to mention. The troubles she endured in the past two years were many, but under all the pain and through all the medical woes she remained the same amazing woman.

What a gift she was to us all!


"Go and tell my companion and children most dear,
To weep not for me now I'm gone.
The same hand that led me through scenes most severe,
Has kindly assisted me home."

An excerpt from "The Lone Pilgrim," an American folk hymn.

Thanks, Mom.

Studio Recording - November 1, 2014

We are taking some time at the close of this year to work on some studio tracks. With perseverance and a little luck we should have a new CD in 2015. Considering our focus since January of 2007 has been live performance and live recording, this is taking a little getting used to.

We'll keep you up to date!


Michael's New Toys - August 31, 2014

It's no secret that Michael is obsessed with the tools of the musical trade. He's recently added two classic instruments from the long defunct Vega Musical Instruments company of Boston to his stable.

Pictured are a 1962 SS-5 Folklore model longneck banjo and a rare 1937 C-20 small body archtop guitar. They are bookended by a matching pair of 1920s Vega Little Wonders—tenor banjo on the left and banjo-mandolin on the right. It's a twangy little bunch!


America's First Great Songwriter - April 28, 2014

Stephen Collins Foster is widely regarded as America's first great songwriter. Even if you don't know his name, you know his songs: "Camptown Races," "Beautiful Dreamer, "Oh, Susanna," "My Old Kentucky Home, Goodnight," "Hard Times Come Again No More," and many, many, others.

Since Foster wrote primarily on the piano, this our first musical/historical program to feature Tom playing piano on over a third of the songs. It's an exciting new wrinkle after so many years where stringed instruments were king at Lost Radio Rounders shows!


"No Repeat" February - March 1, 2014

We had six performances in February, and did not repeat a single song! Okay, this is a lot easier when you don't have to write all the songs, but it was still a fun challenge.

"American Favorite Ballads: Songs from Folkways" at the Flurry Festival:
1. John Henry
2. Oh, Mary Don't You Weep
3. The E-RI-E Was Rising
4. Empty Pocket Blues
5. The Boll Weevil
6. This Land Is Your Land
7. Oh! Susanna
8. Go Tell Aunt Rhody
9. The Midnight Special
10. I Ride An Old Paint
11. Dink's Song
12. Home On The Range
13. Irene

"Carter Family Sing-Along" at the Flurry Festival
14. The Old Gospel Ship
15. Keep On The Sunny Side
16. Honey In The Rock
17. The Storms Are On The Ocean
18. Let The Church Roll On
19. Gold Watch & Chain
20. Never Grow Old
21. Wildwood Flower
22. I'm Thinking Tonight Of My Blue Eyes
23. No Depression
24. Deliverance Will Come
25. No Hiding Place
26. Will The Circle Be Unbroken


"Two Chord Jam & Sing" at the Flurry Festival
27. Groundhog
28. Tom Dooley
29. Old Joe Clark
30. Pay Me My Money Down
31. The Cuckoo
32. Down In The Valley
33. Good News, Chariot's Coming
34. Clementine
35. Skip To My? Loo
36. Drunken Sailor
37. Buddy, Won't You Roll Down The Line?

The Parting Glass Restaurant & Pub
38. The Gospel Plow
39. Deep Elum Blues
40. Gone, Gone, Gone
41. The Texas Hambone Blues
42. Wreck On The Highway
43. Worried Man Blues
44. Jack Of Diamonds
45. Love In Vain
46. Heaven's Radio
47. The Streets Of Laredo


Upstate Artists Guild Gala
48. Nelly Was A Lady
49. Freight Train
50. Hard Times Come Again No More
51. Angel Roll The Stone Away
52. Lorena
53. Pistol Packin' Mama
54. Love's Gonna Live Here
55. When The Saints Go Marching In 

Fourth Friday Concert, McKownville
56. Get On Board
57. The Gospel Train
58. Go Down Moses
59. I Am A Pilgrim
60. Peace At The Mercy Seat
61. I Can't Feel At Home
62. Come Thou Fount/World On Fire
63. Sheep, Sheep, Don't You Know The Road?
64. Revive Us Again
65. Ain't That Hard Trials
66. The Bright Hills Of Glory
67. Lights In The Valley
68. Are You Washed In The Blood?
69. The Wayfaring Stranger
70. 12 Gates To The City
71. The Lone Pilgrim
72. See That My Grave Is Kept Clean
73. Simple Gifts
74. Oh, Freedom!
75. Get Right Church
76. Amazing Grace
77. Down By The Riverside

Thanks to all the musicians who performed with us in February!

Summer Sounds - August 23, 2013

For the past few years Michael and I have been pleased to take part in summer concerts at various libraries in New York and Massachusetts. Yesterday we had a great time wrapping up the Chicopee Library summer series. It's an outstanding facility with a friendly staff and great patrons.


Here is the set list from last night:

1. Mind Your Own Business (Written by Hank Williams Sr.)
2. Rounder’s Blues (The Delmore Brothers provided us with our unofficial theme song.)
3. Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain
   (Written by Fred Rose decades before Willie Nelson recorded it.)
4. Nellie Was A Lady (Stephen Foster)
5. Do-Re-Mi (Woody Guthrie)
6. Keep On the Sunny Side
   (1899 song by Ada Blenkhorn made famous by the original Carter Family)
7. Home On the Range (Folklorist John Lomax collected this one in the early 20th century.)
8. Betty and Dupree (A good old American blues, we like Josh White’s version.)
9. Ain’t Nobody’s Business (See Frank Stokes, Memphis bluesman)
10. My Old Kentucky Home, Goodnight (Stephen Foster)
11. Jack of Diamonds (Also known as “The Drunkard’s Hiccoughs” or “Rye Whiskey.”)
12. The Man Who Rode the Mule Around the World
   (From Carl Sandburg’s “The American Songbag.”)
13. Jay Gould’s Daughter
   (Another song collected by Carl Sandburg for “The American Songbag.”)
14. Freight Train (For us, this one counts as a “modern” song. See Elizabeth Cotton.)
15. The Streets of Laredo (THE American cowboy song. ‘Nuff said.)
16. The Story the Crow Told Me (Circa 1930 American humor.)
17. Groundhog (Found in Alan Lomax’s “Folk Songs of North America.”)
18. Crying Holy
   (A bluegrass favorite when played up-tempo, we will play it slow or mid-tempo.)
19. Aura Lee (Civil War era love song was the melodic source of Elvis’s “Love Me Tender.”)
20. Love In Vain (From the “King of the Delta Blues,” Mr. Robert Johnson.)
21. Goodnight Irene (The Weavers had a hit with this Leadbelly classic.)

"Rounders" Inspire Poetry - August 17, 2013

An August night in Saugerties, perhaps too nice to be indoors, and so we play for a handful of folks at Inquiring Minds Books. On his way out the door, a gentleman hands us a poem he wrote while listening.

Although he did not sign the poem, a little internet homework we did seems to indicate the author is John Moncure Wetterau.

Remembering John Herald

Guitar and mandolin,
the Lost Radio Rounders
dedicate a ballad to:
“the great John Hartford…”
I confuse names and see
John Herald
walking hand in hand
with Kim Chalmers
down the Bearsville flats,
young, so young, bright with love
on a sunny day,
fifty years ago.

Saugerties, New York

(John Herald was a bluegrass/country musician.)


Facts & Figures - July 22, 2013

Michael and I began performing as an acoustic duo in January of 2007. We have many set lists, song sheets, and audio & video recordings to remind us of just how many different historic (over 50 year old) American songs we have performed in that time.

The list is now over 350. Wow!


Kind Words - June 16, 2013

Let's face it, we all like it when people say nice things about us.

After the public debut of "The Home of the Brave: Songs of Soldiers & Sailors" at the Bethlehem Public Library, Adult Services Director Kim Taylor-DiLeva sent us a wonderful letter which included the following praise:

"I was so pleased with your performance. It was thoughtfully conceived and beautifully executed."

You'll have a chance to catch this program at least twice this fall. Check our calendar page for details.


An "Internship" Completed - May 22, 2013

Back in late August we began working with a young acoustic music fan and singer by the name of Amaal Yehia. Since then, Amaal has rehearsed with us about about once a month and performed with us at ten different venues. She has helped us promote our gigs and sell the “Heaven’s Radio” CD, and when meeting and greeting our fans (and fellow musicians) she has always done us proud. Last but not least, Amaal created a new set of promo photos for us that we have been using with great success.

Whatever Amaal may have lacked in musical experience (she was beginning her freshman year of college when she joined us) she more than made up for in energy and enthusiasm. To catch some of her best work with us, check out the “Hear the Lambs A-Cryin” and “The Man Who Rode the Mule Around the World" videos.

Our thanks go out to Amaal for all her great work, and for the great attitude she always brought with her. Given how much we enjoyed working with her, you are certain to catch her sitting in with Lost Radio Rounders in the near future!

Four Year Partnership - January 28, 2013

It's time for another season of benefit concerts! Come join us (and our special guests) on the third Friday of February, March, and April. Our thanks go out to our partners in charity at McKownville United Methodist Church, and all of the fine area musicians who lent their time and talents for the previous events.


Musical Military History - November 9, 2012

Lost Radio Rounders recently debuted "The Home of the Brave: Songs of Soldiers & Sailors" at Coburg Village in Rexford, NY. This new musical/historical program features songs from the French & Indian War (Yankee Doodle) to World War II (Army Life).

The song themes range from patriotic to sentimental to comic, and the program would be a great choice for libraries, museums, historical societies and veterans groups.


"Heaven's Radio" is here! - October 20, 2012

The website has reviewed our new CD "Heaven's Radio":

"Longtime Albany music scene mainstays Tom Lindsay and Michael Eck first started playing together more than a quarter century ago – back in the early ’80s days as founding members of the roots-rock-and-beyond combo the Chefs of the Future, still one of the best Nippertown band names of all-time.

Years later, they re-connected musically as an acoustic duo with a mutual love of old-time gospel music. They called themselves Gospel Train, focusing their repertoire on a century’s worth of American spiritual and religious songs that spanned the Civil War to the Civil Rights era.

But then they started branching out. They put together a program of Civil War-era songs that they titled "Lincoln and Liberty." They developed another theme program, "American Favorite Ballads: The Songs of Pete Seeger," Then they assembled an evening of Carter Family classics, "Wildwood Flower: Songs of the Original Carter Family."

So the three years ago, Lindsay and Eck decided to change the name of the duo to Lost Radio Rounders in order to encompass their broadening range of vintage acoustic music, which these days includes dipping into the musical legacies culled from the songbags of such iconic troubadours as Hank Williams, Woody Guthrie, Lead Belly, Uncle Dave Macon, Pete Seeger, Grandpa Jones and countless others.


But the twosome has retained a particularly strong affinity for the classic songs of the Carter Family. Last year, they released The Sunny Side, an album of Carter Family songs that featured such nuggets as "I’m Thinking Tonight of My Blue Eyes," "I Can’t Feel at Home in This World Anymore," "Worried Man Blues" and, of course, "Keep On the Sunny Side."

Now they’ve dipped back into the vast Carter Family catalog again for their new album, Heaven’s Radio, which will be officially issued on Friday (October 19) with a CD release party and concert at the Steamer No. 10 Theatre in Albany. But this time around LRR are once again focusing on their gospel roots, and, in fact, the disc is subtitled "Lost Radio Rounders & Friends Sing Gospel Songs of the Carter Family." The whopping, 15-song collection includes "No Depression," "On the Rock Where Moses Stood," "Gospel Ship" and "Will the Circle Be Unbroken," just to name a few.

The always righteous, sometimes rousing album was recorded live at the Old Chapel at the McKownville United Methodist Church earlier this year during LRR’s annual series of charity benefit concerts. As befitting the plain-spoken, nothin’-fancy music of a simpler time, the musicians gathered around a single microphone, bobbing and weaving in and out for solos.

Between the two of them, Lindsay and Eck play more than a half dozen instruments on the disc, but they’ve also buttressed their sound with contributions from a number of Nippertown’s finest roots musicians. M.R. Poulopoulos takes over lead vocal chores on a perfectly subdued rendition of "No Depression" that wraps up with a heavenly, hushed a cappella coda. Kim Kilby (formerly of the Tern Rounders) steps up to the microphone to deliver the goods on "The Poor Orphan Child" and "On the Sea of Galilee." The Red Haired Strangers’ Ryan Dunham spikes the procedings with harmonica – sometimes haunting, sometimes howling – and Ramblin Jug Stompers’ Steven "Cousin" Clyde lays down a rock solid foundation on upright bass and harmony vocals.

Yes, Lost Radio Rounders’ Heaven’s Radio harkens back to a simpler time. No overdubs, no studio sweetening, no trickery. It’s about honesty, not irony. Listen closely, and you might hear a stage floorboard creak or the rumble of a truck on Western Avenue outside the church. It’s real music, played by real musicians in real time. That’s all too rare these days, and it’s something to be cherished…"




Partners in print - September 20, 2012

Michael and I team up in the world of journalism as as well as music. The current issue (#26) of The Fretboard Journal features an article on Woodstock musician/businessman Happy Traum. Michael wrote the piece and I supplied the photography.

This is our third such effort for Fretboard Journal, past articles featured Pete Seeger and luthier Joe Veillette. Check the FB website at

Happy Traum (photo by Tom Lindsay)

Welcome Amaal Yehia - September 12, 2012

We do love our musical collaborations (just see the posting below!) and we are happy to announce another one.

We are pleased to welcome vocalist Amaal Yehia as our first Lost Radio Rounders music intern. Amaal is a pre-med student at the Albany College of Pharmacy, and during her 2012-2013 academic year she will be performing with us at select LRR dates (please watch our calendar for specific shows). Amaal will also be assisting us with photography and video projects, so you may find her behind a camera as well.

Miss Yehia is a big fan of contemporary Americana artists the Avett Brothers, and is one of the few college students we know who shares our great appreciation for the music of The Carter Family. When you see her be sure to say “hi,” and welcome her aboard!



Lost Radio Rounders "and Friends" - June 14, 2012

Those of you who have seen us perform live know that Lost Radio Rounders are the acoustic duo that is sometimes a trio, quartet, or…well, you get the idea: we like performing with other musicians. It’s just plain fun!

Here is a partial list of performers who have sat in with us since January of 2007. Upright bass players Bob Ristau, Steven “Cousin” Clyde and Dick Solberg; banjo players George Ward, Paul “Bowtie” Jossman and Ben Davis; female vocalists Ashley Pond, Sarah Pedinotti, Caroline “MotherJudge,” Kim Kilby, Carolyn Perrotta and Beth Lawton; guitarists M.R. Poulopoulos, Jim Gaudet, Bobby Long and C.B. Smith; harmonica players Ryan Dunham and Kyle Miller; and percussionists Sam Zucchini and Greg “Wild Bill” Haymes.

We look forward to more great collaborations in the years to come.  



Another musical/historical program - April 4, 2012

Many of you already know that Lost Radio Rounders (in addition to playing concerts & club dates) present themed programs of historic American music for libraries, museums and historical societies. I guess you could say we are in the "info-tainment" business.


Our latest program is "The Land of the Free: Songs from the War of 1812" and we we debuted it last night for a lively crowd at the April meeting of the New Scotland Historical Association. Please contact if your group is interested in this, or any of our themed programs!

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